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Stanley Black and Stanley

The company famous for their quality products is also at the forefront of tool tech and innovation.

ToolBox by SBD Labs allows owners of their products to register tools, get product support, access product manuals and participate in ongoing promotions.

Client: Ritarexar Dimandi (UK)

Date : 24 January 2022


Categories: Web Development

The Challenge

Make it fun , make it useful. Stanley Black and Decker needed help with a few features for their ToolBox app.
Two notable features we created involved a scratch-and-win style interactive promotion and access to extended warranties for tools.

The Solution

UXPros created a fun and on-brand “scratch-off” experience for smart mobile devices and a simple and intuitive way for users to access their extended warranties. We even created an extended warranty certificate for users to save to their device or print a physical copy.

Our Role

Working with the design team at Stanley Black and Decker, UXPros was responsible for research and high fidelity prototyping + design.

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