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Rhythm helps fast-growing mid-market companies transform the way they work and integrate great execution into their DNA.

Rhythm Systems is a complete system built for mid-market companies to get their team focused, aligned and accountable. “If you're a mid-market company with high-growth, looking for the system and habits to drive focus, alignment, and accountability, we're built just for you.”

Client: Ritarexar Dimandi (UK)

Date : 24 January 2022


Categories: Web Development

The Challenge

Make it usable and easy. UXPros was challenged with a complete overhaul of the existing interface and user experience.

The Solution

UXPros designed a series of robust and useful features tailored to the roles of individual employees ranging from individal team members to management and CEOs.

Our Role

Working closely with Rhythm’s Product Manager, UXPros created a comprehensive set of wireframes, a design system, and a working prototype to proof the concept and enable smooth exectution.

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