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Merging streetwear, culture, and crypto technology.

Dripto is an online resale marketplace where sneakers, streetwear, and luxury goods are purchased and sold exclusively through cryptocurrency. The platform was developed with the specific intention to make streetwear accessible by offering them at affordable prices and rewarding platform users and investors.

Client: Ritarexar Dimandi (UK)

Date : 24 January 2022


Categories: Web Development

The Challenge

Take it to the next level. Dripto needed help designing and leveling up their V1 website to prepare for bigger and better features, like their crypto ecommerce platform.

The Solution

UXPros built upon Dripto’s existing style guide and requirements to help grow an innovative crypto product by applying clean design and best UX practices.

Our Role

Working closely with stakeholders and Dripto’s own design team, UXPros created a comprehensive set of wireframes and a working prototype to proof the concept and enable smooth exectution.

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