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An enormous collection of literature and non-fiction on any device. All for free.

Drawing its name from the greatest lighthouse of knowledge in the ancient world, the Library of Alexandria held thousands of scrolls and codices (early books) from the authors of antiquity. Though the ancient Library did not survive, the spirit of collecting and giving free access to the world’s literary treasures lives on with the Alexandria reader.

Client: Ritarexar Dimandi (UK)

Date : 24 January 2022


Categories: Web Development

The Challenge

Make it work. UXPros was tasked with creating a responsive e-reading platform that’s accessible to the average reader, but also has advanced tools relevant to an academic researcher.

The Solution

Building on their existing branding, UXPros developed a beautiful, feature-rich environment that never gets in the way of the star of the show- the book itself.

Our Role

UXPros was responsible for all aspects of the design. From research and discovery, laying out the concept in wireframes, to delivering a high fidelity prototype to their development team.

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