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A comprehensive and intuitive training app for pilots.

A320 Training app is an indispensable self-study tool designed for pilots getting ready for their Airbus A320 checkride or yearly proficiency check. The app features interactive lights and switches, flows and limitations through a realistic cockpit experience.

Client: Ritarexar Dimandi (UK)

Date : 24 January 2022


Categories: Web Development

The Challenge

Make it make sense. A320 Airbus pilots needed a comprehensive and intuitive training program that helps them pass their tests without the cumbersome and confusing paper manuals.

The Solution

UXPros worked closely with the Fluge development team to create a user experience that reduces cognitive load and improves focus on aircraft controls.

Our Role

From research and discovery, to high fidelity prototyping and design, UXPros was responsible for all aspects of the design.

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